Friday, December 29, 2017

Follow You Instincts

I tell you sometimes you just have to follow your instincts. God gave you this gift to perceive things before they happen. But you let your life and the things in it get in the way.

I've been driving around in my car for 2 weeks with my instincts telling me to go to the mechanic, not just because it's time for an oil change but something strange was going on and I knew I needed to go in.

I kept riding until 4 days ago I had to jump my car on the first run of the morning on a cold day. It worked fine all day after that, no problem. It sat out in the frigid cold for two days. It didn't start on the first start again...oh I'l just jump it again cause it's probably cause its cold out here. Cause I'm worried about where I had to go and what i had to do more than the fact that the car was telling me something, matter of fact it was screaming at me.

I started it today went to the mechanic but of course it's the afternoon and you know he is packed. So I tell him I'll come back if he is open tomorrow. Then I go out start the car and drive to the store. I'm two block from my house I'll just run in and get a few things. I come back out.....won't start. God blessed my ignorant ass with a kind lady that gave me a jump so I can get home.
So the next time your instincts speak to you, listen and heed its call.

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