Thursday, August 31, 2017

90th & Commercial Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 083117

It was great to see the play streets project get started. Its something that is a kick off to revitalization on Commercial Ave. More great things to come. If you want to be part of the move to help make a greater neighborhood, stop by the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

At this point its just funny.

For all those who know me. You know I've been chatting on the Internet since the mid 90s before it was even fashionable to the masses. To me chatting is communal, its something to do to meet people you normally wouldn't. I have tons of friends that I have chatted with that I have never met in person and probably never will. Its not an issue. But we are involved in each other's lives over a distances and its cool for both of us.

Back when I first started chatting there were no pictures on profiles, hell I don't even think we really had anything resembling a profile. The scanner was something you used at a job or university. So if you were lucky to have access you could scan a picture to send to someone. 8-bit as it was at least you could see who you were talking to.

I've been through catfishing before it even became a term. Since you didn't have to give a picture sometimes you get someone who would describe themselves nowhere near what they looked like so you can get to talk to them and fall for their personality then when you meet them and are disappointed with how they look you might see past it and still deal with them. This is the original catfish.

Today, we have profiles with pictures and videos and you think you would be identified more easy. But if you watch the show Catfish on MTv you will know that catfishing is still alive and well in the world.

So this brings me to what I wanted to talk about. A couple days ago I ran into this picture of a woman that looked nice on a google plus group. So I 1+ her. Just being nice and giving a compliment, nothing major.

So yesterday I get a message from her, in my mind I'm like ok someone to talk to cool I'll talk to her. She seems normal and I'm up front with her and say hey I'm just being friendly. She replies and says its cool. So the basic convo started, where you from?, What you do?, etc. So I had to leave the convo to do something and the nag hit me....."are you there?" she asked.

Now from the years of chatting on the Internet when you say I'm doing something and go away from the computer and get that question, then you go away again or take a long time to respond and you get it again. Red flags go up.

So, I took her picture (just like Nev would do on Catfish) and did a google search. In the process of copying the pictures I saw one of her posts that had her picture and a map of a town in MS just south of Memphis.....wait she told me she was from Alabama...LOL

When I did the google search on two of the pictures turns out it's a plus sized model from Cali. So then I laughed and blocked the profile.

So even I an old vet can get catfished but I caught it early. So anyone out there that get in this situation don't be embarrassed, don't feel bad just keep it moving. Its funny to me now.