Sunday, January 15, 2017

Something rings true in this.

I was watching 12 Monkeys and this part kinda rings familiarity about being a consumer. Listen and tell me what you think.

You have to have sense.

We all watched it, whether you like him or not. President-Elect Trump's news conference. The moment I want to speak about was when he refused to allow the CNN reporter a chance to ask a question.

At first I was upset thinking, hey they have a right to ask a question. I'm thinking here goes Trump picking a choosing who he wants to talk up will be a question from a Fox News reporter.

Then I get a post from a friend from Reality check talking about how BuzzFeed and CNN push out a unsubstantiated story about Trump.   Then I said to myself how stupid can you be. You are that desperate to pin something on him that you bring out stuff that isn't even proven. Giving him ammo, giving him a chance to dangle you out there like "look I told you, they are fake news, they are just out to make me look bad"

That right there is damaging, not just for BuzzFeed and CNN but anyone saying anything bad about Trump from now on. How Stupid. Now every news organization even if they do have proof that something is true will always get the same response from Trump. "That's just fake news", and the story will have no traction.

Well I guess we are in for a harder time. Be careful about what you read and hear on TV from either side. Don't think I'm changing sides cause I'll never be a Trump supporter. But when you attempt to do things like this you hurt the cause. Desperate people do desperate things and not always smart ones. This one was really not smart.